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Health and Fitness Center

A balanced life is key to having optimal health and well-being.  That's the philosophy behind The Duke Center for Living at Fearrington.  We are dedicated to helping men and women make positive, healthy and lasting lifestyle changes. But more than machines or equipment, this is about giving the body, mind and spirit time to recharge. So we offer a variety of fitness programs and membership options to meet each individual's needs.

We're more than a gym!

The Duke Center for Living Health and Fitness Center at Fearrington is one of the few area fitness centers specializing in medically-based wellness programs. Our schedule boasts a full spectrum of services. We are here to work with people of all ages, seven days a week. Whether your favorite activity is to hike, bike, golf or play with your grandchildren, you want to be healthy and strong enough to do the things you love. That’s what living better is all about. And at The Duke Center for Living at Fearrington, we have a variety of ways to help you stay in the best possible shape.

Our health and fitness center offers:

  • state-of-the-art exercise equipment
  • a heated pool
  • cushioned indoor track
  • a professional and caring staff
  • outstanding fitness programs

No matter what your level of fitness, we can help you get more out of life. So give us a call or come by today and start feeling better—and living better—now!

Free Fitness Clinics!

Fitness Clinics are 30-minute informative sessions (except where otherwise noted) on a wide range of health and fitness-related topics.  Space is limited – registration is required.  Call DCFL at 919-545-2133 or stop by  Member Services to register.  These clinics are free and open to everyone - members and non-members - so bring a friend!

Self-Massage: Myofascial Release Technique for Easing Sore and Tight Muscles with Seth Hutchinson

Wednesday, October 29th, 12:00pm

Did you know that muscles knots, also known as "trigger points", may be responsible for causing more than just achy muscles? They can limit flexibility and blood flow, leading to imbalances throughout your body and contributing to back pain, neck pain, and even headaches. This clinic will focus on teaching basic self-massage techniques using your own hands, foam rollers, tennis balls and other implements.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about Cellulite with Ellen Brisley

Wednesday, November 5th, 12:30pm

The "cottage-cheese" plague of women is emotionally and psychologically charged, but there is science to back up practical ways to get rid of that naggin fat just under your skin. This clinic will educate you on the real causes of cellulite and how to naturally combat the dreaded lumps.

Functional Core Training with Jared Rogers

Monday, November 17th, 1:00pm

The'core' of the body consists of over a dozen muscles that help stabilize the body and move through three planes of motion. Learn how to effectively train the muscles comprising the core in order to remain strong and agile throughout your daily life. 

Arthritis and Exercise with Lindsay Crews

Tuesday, November 25th, 12:30pm

A natural way to improve the conditions of living with arthritis is exercise. Although it may the last thing you want to do when your joints hurt and you feel constantly tired, if you find a way to maintain an exercise routine you will see results and lessen your arthritis pain. Learn about the benefits that exercise can bring to many arthritis sufferers, as well as the types of exercises that may be most effective.

Class Cancellation:

Tai Chi will be cancelled on Tuesday, October 28th at 2:00pm. 

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Perspectives on Being Well

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