Complimentary Fitness Services

Duke Center for Living at Fearrington offers our members a number of specialized, complimentary services designed to enhance your fitness experience.  These services provide you with the resources and information essential to a successful exercise program. 

Each one-on-one appointment is conducted by an Exercise Physiologist and incorporates your own goals, interests and needs.  We encourage each member to take advantage of these services.

Fitness Assessment – New Member

This initial Fitness Assessment includes a series of fitness tests that help determine your current fitness level and provides a baseline with which to chart your progress.  The assessment covers all the components of fitness, including: body composition, cardiopulmonary fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility.  The results are used by the Exercise Physiologist to develop a customized plan for your Exercise Orientation.

Exercise Orientation – New Member

Exercise Orientation usually follows the Fitness Assessment and will provide you with a general introduction to the equipment in our center and identify those best suited for your personalized exercise regimen. You will receive hands-on demonstrations of how to properly and safely operate the equipment and how best to achieve your personal fitness goals. The orientation will include strength training, cardiovascular exercise and flexibility.

Re-Assessment – Established Member

The Re-Assessment should occur every 5-6 months as a follow-up to your original Fitness Assessment.  By repeating the same tests from your previous assessment, this appointment will help you track your progress towards your goals.  It is also a time to identify new goals and discuss adjustments to your current program.

Program Evaluation – Established Member

During the Program Evaluation, the Exercise Physiologist will help you re-assess your personal fitness program, review and adjust current exercises, incorporate new goals and discuss suggestions that will enhance your progress.  It is recommended that you schedule a Program Evaluation every 3 to 4 months.

For further information about these complimentary fitness services or to schedule an appointment, please see any of our Exercise Physiologists or call 919-545-2133.


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